The Center for Strategic Governance, LLC

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New Hampshire cities and towns spend close to $3 billion spent annually on local government and schools (38% or just over $1 billion is spent on funding our 234 local governments, and 62% is spent on schools). New Hampshire cities and towns as well as those of other states will continue to face greater financial challenges as the federal government works to reduce the deficit and cuts support to the states. This will require that communities make even smarter use of tax dollars to achieve and sustain the type of future they want. 

By understanding and implementing a strategic planning and governance approach that guides the annual planning and budgeting process, government and school officials can ensure they are providing quality services to meet the short- and longer-term needs of residents while moderating spending -- thereby providing the strongest value for everyone. 

The Center for Strategic Governance, LLC. is a public-service focused company whose priority is to advance the public good. Our mission is to share as broadly as possible proven approaches to both strategic thinking and operational governance that can: 

  • Enable citizens and those serving them to frame a vision for the future of their communities;
  • Foster sound analysis of opportunities and challenges that need to be addressed;
  • Set clear outcomes that foster a desired quality of life;
  • Identify strategic initiatives and related investments needed to attain those outcomes;
  • Empower excellence in services to residents and students through the efficient use of tax dollars;
  • Promote clarity of purpose and citizen support on an ongoing basis.

We provide resource materials for communities and school systems wishing to undertake strategic governance on their own. We also offer consulting, coaching, and training programs for those wanting support and guidance as they undertake and refine the process to meet their specific needs.