The Center for Strategic Governance, LLC

10 Old Mont Vernon Rd. Amherst nh 03031

Communities spend a lot of money and resources trying to provide quality municipal and educational services to their residents. Doing so successfully becomes more challenging each year.

By understanding and implementing a strategic thinking and governance process, government and school officials can help ensure they are providing quality services to meet the short- and longer-term needs of residents while moderating spending, thereby providing the strongest value for the tax dollars entrusted to them. 

The Center for Strategic Governance, LLC. is a public-service company whose priority is to advance the public good by sharing proven approaches to both strategic thinking and operational governance that can: 

  • Enable residents and those serving them to frame a vision for the future of their communities;
  • Identify opportunities and challenges that need to be addressed;
  • Set clear outcomes that foster a desired quality of life;
  • Identify strategic initiatives and related investments needed to attain those outcomes;
  • Empower excellence in services with the efficient use of tax dollars;
  • Promote clarity of purpose and citizen support on an ongoing basis.