The Center for Strategic Governance, LLC

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resource materials

Below are materials available to municipalities looking to adopt strategic governance:

Better Outcomes Through Strategic Governance

(A 2018 New Hampshire Municipal Association Annual Conference presentation)

Strategic Governance: How Municipalities Can Achieve a Desired Future  (PDF)

Building Stronger Voter Support for Your Budget with Strategic Governance  

(A 2017 New Hampshire Municipal Association's Annual Conference presentation)


Resources are also available by municipal functions:

  • Selectmen
  • Town Administrator/Town Manager
  • Finance Director
  • Fire Rescue
  • Police
  • Department of Public Works
  • Recreation
  • Community Development
  • Tax and Assessing
  • Town Clerk
  • Planning teams

Resources available by Activity Areas:

  • Environmental Scans -- Assessing what factors might affect government, schools, or the community as a whole.
  • SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) -- Using organizational strengths to over come internal weaknesses and potential external threats.
  • Goals/Outcomes Worksheets -- Establishing resident-centered outcomes.
  • Dashboards -- Visualizing an organization's past, present, and future outcomes.
  • Strategic Themes and Initiatives -- Defining efforts necessary to achieve key outcomes.
  • Financial Planning & Trade-Off Analysis -- Defining the financial investments and impact of various priorities.
  • Presentation and Report Templates -- Communicating effectively with key audiences.​