The Center for Strategic Governance, LLC

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Learn ways to effectively educate and gain support from your constituents through effective dialogue. Increase the likelihood of having plans and budgets supported consistently, year after year.

The Center for Strategic Governance, LLC. helps municipal leaders combine strategic thinking and operational governance to provide quality services and outcomes for residents while using tax dollars wisely.

sharing the process

Engaging with citizens

coaching, consulting & training 

templates and tools

Draw on templates and tools that support success at each stage of the planning and governance process. Learn how other communities are enhancing the quality of their municipal services while keeping taxes low and fair.

Get specialized coaching and have key personnel trained so that your community can become self sufficient in applying the strategic governance process on an ongoing process.

Municipal officials can draw on a proven process of  strategic governance. Shape future plans, align annual operating plans and budgets with a clear vision, and achieve desired outcomes -- all while using taxpayer dollars wisely. 

Helping Municipalities Achieve A Desired Future